The Base - Exfoliating Mitt

the base glove.jpeg
the base glove.jpeg

The Base - Exfoliating Mitt



The Base by Lara Bingle Double Sided Exfoliating Mitt removes unwanted self tan effortlessly and is the perfect tool to prepare skin for tanning products for a smooth, longer lasting even application. The multi-purpose Exfoliating Mitt can also be used for dry body brushing to increase circulation and aid lymphatic drainage or for every day use with your favourite shower gel to gently remove unwanted dead skin cells for smooth glowing skin.

Removes self-tan safely and easily
Exfoliates and prepares skin for a flawless tan
Leaves skin smooth and soft
Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage

The Base Tip: Reusable and washable, simply rinse after tanning and leave out to air dry.

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